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torsdag 18 juni 2009

Tired of nagging

I am tired of nagging. And I am tired of people in the company just being so stubborn and so single minded. Either I cannot make them understand or they just don't want to. Another alternative is that they understand, but the just don't give a shit about my arguments. Even though I feel it's for the best of the company. It might be a bit of all, but nevertheless I am making enemies, because I won't shut up. I am too concerned about the company to not argue for what I believe is right. A lot of the guys just consider one or two of the aspects, but they don't seem to give a shit about other, really important stuff.

Sometimes I wonder if I should go on. Often I feel I am giving too much of myself, but nobody cares. I am kind of convinced that a lot would change for the worse if I left. I have played with the idea of making a new company, or join an existing one. Or just give up reenacting. Or at least do nothing in the company, and leave everything I do for others to handle. That way they might notice how much I really contribute to our group.

It might be that I am totally mistaken. I might not be such a big player after all. The company might just do fine without me, but sometimes - today for example - it feels like everything would crash without my efforts. We'll see what happens, and what I'll do in the end.

4 kommentarer:

Ronnie sa...

There are always times like there pal. I'm going through this nearly every year .. But somehow it's woring out, and aomehow from somewhere there comes someone and suddendly we manage everthing.

I'm not sure if that helps, but if you want to talk, just let me know ..
Your friend, Ronnie

Peter sa...


I appreciate your kind words, and I know you are right. It will get better. I just have to learn not to take responsibility for each and everything, and leave stuff for others. Thanks.

Bertus Brokamp sa...

I suppose that is the way it goes in almost each group. A few good men/women 'pulling the cart' without who nothing would happen.

Anonym sa...

Jag vet hur det känns och jag har också varit bränd på den punkten. Man sliter arselet av sig och bönar om engagemang men det kommer liksom inte av sig själv. Det suger och är bittert. Stå på dig, du är otroligt viktig för gruppen, du förtjänar allt lov.