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fredag 24 juli 2009

Getting on my feet

What happened to me struck me completely off my feet, and I lost all will to live (although I didn't lose the will to be alive). It was the deepest sadness and despair I have ever felt, but luckily it didn't last very long. Things are better now. They are not perfect, but they will be - in time. One thing is for certain though - it will never be as it was. However I reckon that is a good thing, and this day I feel living enough to write again. And I will.

4 kommentarer:

Louise Schelde sa...

Kære Peter
Godt at høre at du er på den rigtige side igen, og føler at det går fremad.
Selv om jeg aldrig har mødt dig rørte det mig meget at læse dit tidligere indlæg, og jeg var meget bekymret for dig!

Håber at livsgnisten finder vej!

Mange hilsner og tanker Louise

Anonym sa...

Härligt att höra Peter!

cathyr19355 sa...

Glad to hear that you're getting back on your feet. Good luck, and don't forget that there are people rooting for you!

Peter sa...

Thank you guys! It's good to know that I have friends that care.