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tisdag 22 december 2009


No. Just having a break. My real life has had a tremendous backlash, as my wife is divorcing me. My emotions plus practical limitations has made blogging harder. I will try to use some time in the near future to update you about what's happening and what the future looks like. Until then - Merry christmas and a happy new year.

4 kommentarer:

Bertus Brokamp sa...

Sorry to hear Peter! I wish I could cheer you up, but there is no cure for heart ache... :(
If you lived nextdoor I'd invite you over to celebrate the holidays with me and Isis and drink too much to forget the pain.

Peter sa...

Bertus, dear friend. I would love that, but now it is time for me to raise my chin and look into the distance. Whatever happens it will be loads better than the latest six months. I am trying to see the good parts where they peek out, although it is not easy.

I am thankful for your invitation, and someday we might actually celebrate christmas together - that is one of the good sides of all this. Now I have the opportunity to choose, and I will certainly use that opportunity.

Merry christmas to the both of you.

Louise sa...

Dearest Peter
My toughts are with you and as Bertus wrote it is hard to write something that might make things easier to bear.
Know that you are always wellcome in Denmark as well, and if you need to talk about something else we can always be found on either messenger or Facebook.

Wish you all the best in the Christmas holidays!

Yours Louise

(Mikkel and Simon says hi als well)

Elina sa...

Chiming in with the others. Sorry to hear that, I hope things take a turn for the better!