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måndag 15 mars 2010


This weekend I had quite the happening in my apartment. Some of our newer members, along with some veterans and friends from Fraternis Militia Carnis came to Växjö for a crafting weekend. It was mostly textile - I fixed up my worn out hose, there was naalbinding and embroidery going on and some distance away, in a workshop, some of the participants were working on reconstructions of Wisby gauntlets.

We had great discussions, worked with sources, made new patterns, had some beers and good food, and watched medieval themed movies. It was fantastic to have them all gathered, and I even got to started with my second glove for my gauntlets (which reminds me - this week I'll post pics on the finished one - I borrowed Roger's camera so now all I have to do is transfer the pics and write the blog post. Just you wait!

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