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söndag 2 maj 2010

May I present - The Lübeck Museums!

First of all, a bit of general info.

The trip lasted three whole days, and there is loads of stuff to mention about it, but I'll just mention the best stuff. Plus, I'll write a short review about each of the places we visited. And there will be pics!

We travelled like this:

Rostock > Lübeck > Hamburg > Wismar > Bad Doberan > Greifswald > Stralsund > Rostock. We travelled a bit further than necessary - we "missed out" Bad Doberan and Wismar on our way to Hamburg and went more or less the same way back - all because it was too early in the morning for anything to be open. We used that time to travel instead, and arrived in Lübeck in good time to have breakfast and to check out where the museums were situated.

And now - get ready for museums (close your mouths, you nerds!)!

Lübeck has, as far as I know, three museums of interest for the medieval reenactor, plus loads of churches, but let's begin with the museums.

Burgkloster Museum
Rating: 5/5

This museum is one of the best museums I have ever been to. And I have been to many, believe me... I believe there is only one museum I visited that can match it. The collections were very nicely displayed, there were loads and loads of artifacts, well preserved and interesting. The pottery nerd will have his fill - they have an entire floor just packed with pottery of different types in near mint condition. All of us were stunned if not to say over-excited, and we left the museum exhausted but happy. The museum is situated in an old monastery with some wall paitings and sculptures, which are also very nice indeed. This is a must see!

Holstentor Museum
Rating: 3/5

The Holstentor Museum is cool in its own respect, as it is in fact a gate house of the old city wall. The building is intriguing really. But then it's not so cool anymore, at least not if you are into the latter part of the 14th century. The only thing that saves the museum from a 2/5 rating is the gambeson on display. It's from the 1430-ies if I am not mistaken, but it can nevertheless teach us a lot about gambeson construction.

Kunsthalle St Annen
Rating: 4/5

This museum of art contains smashing examples of naturalistic, beautiful and very interesting art. I believe I have never seen a cooler altar piece, plus there is some very well preserved chests and some decent art in general. But the altarpiece is some work of art. The only problem is that it is dated to 1405, which puts it out of reach for us... The museum as a whole is very well worth a visit.

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Robin Wood sa...

I agree Burgkloster Museum is one of the best in all Europe for medieval artifacts. I study wooden tableware and I saw more there and in the stores than I normally see at 10 museums.

Peter sa...


Thanks for posting. Have you visited Kulturens Museum in Lund or Lödöse Museum? If not, they would be well worth a visit for you. They are not Burgkloster, but very decent in comparison to many places. Also, keep an eye out for my upcoming posts on this trip; the Museum für Hanseatische Geschichte in Stralsund is a very nice museum as well.

scott davidson sa...

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