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söndag 19 april 2009

Getting in shape

It is time to shape up the kit. The season is almost upon us, and I want to look smart, or at least not more scruffy than I usually look. That's why I pulled out my bascinet (or pekkilhuva if you like to use the medieval Swedish word for it) for a little shining up. It was a bit rusty, and kind of dull, so I worked it with steel wool and tooth paste (it's really good when you need something polished). I don't like my stuff too shiny - I am supposed to portray a soldier with a lot more to do than just polish my helmet. It came out alright, though. Over the years, it has became dented and rough to the finish - a most splendid resemblance that it probably saved me from nasty injuries several times.

The lining is held in place with stitching through loads and loads of tiny holes drilled on the lower edge of the helmet. I remake some of that stitching once every year, as it tends to wear out kind of easily. All in all, it was about an hours work, and my bascinet is ready for yet another season of relentless bashing. Thanks for being there to protect my head, pekkilhuva!

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