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fredag 1 maj 2009

Woodworker, Episode 2b

I revised my schematics with approximate measurements, some construction details and a sketch of how the lid and the floor are supposed to be constructed. The floorboards are not joined together - they will be put into a groove cut along the nether part of the chest walls, and will be supported by underlying beams slotted into the leg boards.

4 kommentarer:

Bertus Brokamp sa...

Do you have the book 'Die Gotischen Truhen der Lüneburger Heideklöster'? I found it very enlightening to read/browse. It contains a catalogue of some 100 late medieval / early modern chests and plans on how the different types among them were constructed.

Peter sa...

That book sounds like a gold mine! Is it out of print, like all good books, or is it available for a small penny at Amazon?

Louise Schelde sa...

I have also heard about it but no danish libary has it. So is it possible to bye?

Peter sa...

I just googled the title and it came up for a reasonable price @